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Our services

Dove Matches is a matching and dating service. We offer expert matching services for potential life partners, relationship coaching, and marriage counselling, all with the aim to putting singles on the path to forming and maintaining a healthy relationship.


Relationship Support

We understand that no matter how strong a relationship may appear on the outside, couples may be faced with difficulties that require support. Our counsellors are both supportive and caring and provide an environment which is non-judgemental and safe to help you through these difficulties.


Expert Assistance

We keep your relationship at the focus of our support services and using evidence based techniques of matching personalities, powerful search tools, quality research and a little love, our trained experts will find you potential life partners and provide faith-based advice. Rest assured your potential life partner has been carefully selected based on your profile and preferences and the advice is tailored to you.

Our Advice

Be honest! Be yourself! Set clear expectations! If you are a single and looking for someone special in your life, why not give it a go?

Bringing You Closer!

Each stage of our journey with you brings you one step closer to finding love using our expertise, proven techniques and the Christian foundation.

Fun & Safety

We want your matching experience to be engaging and enjoyable, allowing you to make an informed and careful decision before committing to a relationship.

Your safety is our top priority. Your profile will not be visible to the general public and your information will be securely stored in a database that only the department has access to. You will be able to log in, see your matches, and start engaging with individuals with similar interests. While the ball remains in your court, we are on this journey with you to help you find serious, committed singles looking for a long-term relationship.

3 Stages to Our Matching Service

You are three steps away from meeting some special


First Tell Us About You!

Fill out the required registration form. Be natural, be honest and give us the best version of yourself. In order for us to be of more help, let us know what your interests and expectations are. Be precise and specific - the more fields you complete, the more likely you are to find a match who shares your interests and is best suited to meet your expectations. Have the freedom to share your favourite memories and use your album to express yourself!


Second Communicate With Matches

After you match with individuals, at this stage you will now have the opportunity to communicate with them. You will be able to view their profile, and begin to engage in conversation. To improve your chances, you will have the choice of subscribing for additional candidates or unrestricted contact with your matches. Use this opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, learn more about your match and most importantly enjoy the experience!


Third Try Our Coaching

When you are thinking about beginning a relationship or are starting to establish some form of commitment, why not consider our relationship coaching services.

This stage is crucial as the assistance and faith-based guidance you receive will help increase your chances of maintaining a happy, stable relationship.