Marriage Advice

Premarital & Marriage Advice

We understand the complexity of trials and tribulations in a relationship or commitment which can lead to instability and uncertainty in that relationship. We also recognise that transitioning from being single to sharing your world with another individual comes with challenges too and that's why our service offers assistance from the beginning.

While we don't have all the answers as marriage counsellors, we can help you understand your situation and work together to better your relationship. At any point of your relationship - from the time you are thinking about getting married to being in marriage itself, rest assured we will be there to offer support and Godly advice. We are here, no matter how minor or major the problem might be.

Premarital Advice

We Advise

  • How to achieve collaborative future planning, decision making, goal setting and implementation
  • How to prolong or relive the honeymoon period

Marriage Advice

We Advise

  • How to Integrate differing parental styles, values, beliefs, gender role conflict, financial issues, wider family conflicts, emotional and intimacy problems and establishing and maintaining trust
  • How to grow together, improve communication and maintain commitment
  • Managing compromise, different expectations, and Dispute resolution
  • How to establish Marriage, work, and life balance, and to maintain a loving and satisfying marriage
  • Dealing with infidelity, betrayal, jealousy, and other challenging life changes.

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